Gemoss guide to Hygge

In the last couple years (and particularly in the winter months), we’re sure you’ve come across a certain word: Hygge. But what in the world does hygge mean exactly? If you’ve ever enjoyed reading a book indoors on a rainy Sunday or a cup of hot cocoa on a snow day, you’ve experienced hygge without even knowing it.

Here at Gemoss we encourage our clients to try out the hygge life style, and we are more than willing to assist them in it. To spend the last winter months in the most comfort that is possible, we offer lots of Hygge ideas to make yourday just a little bit more special.

Our Hygge top 10 recommendations:

1. Melting chocolate-marshmallow spoon
2. Pink-white marshmallows
3. Monin winter spice syrup
4. Monin chocolate sauce
5. Glass teakettles
6. JustT variety of tees
7. Tea strainer HEART
8. Churchill dishes
9. Bolsius candles
10. Coffee beans REAL BEAN

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