MONIN syrups- real taste and great quality

MONIN Syrups, that started more than a hundred years ago as a family business in a small French village in Bourge, now has become an internationally recognised brand with high quality standards. The company is still fully owned by the Monin family, and for the moment MONIN offers more than 150 different types of syrups, as well as fruit purée and dessert sauces.

Thanks to the taste and quality of the flavor, MONIN is a great helper in preparing cocktails, mocktails, lemonades, ice cream cocktails and desserts. Each MONIN product is able to provide bartender and barista needs, giving them the necessary taste and quality warranty. About 400 quality-testing tests are carried out every day for MONIN products and the company fully complies with environmental standards for product quality, manufacturing processes and employment. MONIN product ingredients can be followed entirely from raw materials to finished product.

For syrup preparation they use high quality raw materials, which guarantees excellent, real taste and excellent quality. MONIN Premium syrups and purées give the cocktails a great flavor as well as unforgettable fragrance.  Thanks to the premium quality and taste diversity, MONIN is chosen by leading bartenders from not only Latvia but all over the world. Prepare with pleasure and even the most demanding cocktail lovers will be amazed.

“There is no limit to the taste, there is no boundary to create!”

Monin’s official representative in Latvia, SIA Gemoss, Mukusalas street 73, www.gemoss.lv