PolyScience- Innovative culinary technologie

PolyScience is an American company which is one of the strongest market leaders in the field of culinary technology and we are proud to have an opportunity to introduce you to it, becoming the official distributor of this company in Estonia.

Sous Vide Professional™ Immersion Circulator CHEF 120V / 60Hz  is designed with the simple goal: cook food with vacuum, water at the right temperature and precisely controlled time, thereby preserving all the best that the product can offer- taste, smell, even nutritional value. It is suitable for making meat, fish or even vegetables and other products.

Using a technical assistant Smoking Gun Pro Hand-held Smoke Infuser, it is no longer a privilege, but an opportunity for anyone who wants to do so. With the help of cold smoke, this appliance combines the tastes and smells found by the cook with natural ingredients to give the food a special status, both by taste and visually.

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