Salt and pepper mills PEUGEOT

In this large salt and pepper mill market, there is no need to discuss the Peugeot brands place in it, for a long time now- french steel makers have demonstrated the perfection of the patented milling mechanism over 180 years and proudly promise lifetime durability for each product, while the shapes of the famous PARIS model have become iconic in the cuisines of all countries and the most copied mill form in the world of spices.

We are proud with the extensive range of Peugeot mills in our catalog- more than one hundred types of available mills that are combined by the perfectionism of the mill mechanism, but differs in the shape and color variety, so that they are easy to notice even in the most exclusive kitchens. An individual approach is relevant not only to the taste but also to the art of food serving, but why change the perfection that has been developed over many generations?

While the majestic lion continues to consummate every Peugeot product, its passion for progress already has been proven with the popularity of U-SELECT mills- the classic design of Peugeot mills meet the requirements of chefs all over the world, and allows to realise the most delicious cooking in the kitchens of different nationalities. Peugeot’s salt and pepper mill is the choice that confirms modern chef respect against quality and traditions.

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